At Toby’s Estate we want to work with you to make your coffee experience
the best it can be.
Toby's Estate Espresso Schools provide training workshops designed to benefit all levels of experience, whether you are non-industry, new to the industry or a professional barista. Classes are limited to groups of 4-8 people to allow for plenty of practice time and one-on-one tuition.

Students are awarded a certificate for each level of training and a national accreditation upon completion
of Levels 1-4.


Please find below the classes that we currently have available
  • Level One: Espresso Foundations
    $150 – 3 hours duration
    The expertise of the skilled barista is based on a solid knowledge foundation. Here we will begin with a comprehensive exploration of the bean, the machine and the art of the Barista.
  • Level Two: Espresso Applications
    $150 – 3 hours duration
    This course follows on directly from Espresso Foundations and subject to course availability can be completed on the same day. Here we will refine the techniques of the skilled Barista including grind management, dosing, tamping, extraction, milk texturing and pouring. Students must have successfully completed Espresso Foundations to attend this course.
  • Level Three: Espresso Dedication
    $200 – 4 hours duration
    This course follows on directly from Espresso Applications. Quality, consistency and efficiency are critical in the coffee industry and during this in depth course we will focus on the work flow, order management skills and processes essential to the professional Barista in a fast paced commercial environment. Students must have successfully completed Espresso Foundations and Espresso Applications to attend this course.
  • Level Four: Prepare and Serve Espresso Assessment
    $150 – 2 hours duration 
    In this level students are assessed for competency to meet the criteria of ‘Prepare and Serve Espresso’. The candidate is also required to have completed 30 hours of experience making espresso. The assessment includes both theory and practical aspects. This accredited course incorporates the ‘Prepare and Serve Espresso coffee’ module (SITHFAB012A) developed by Tourism Australia and endorsed by the Australia National Training Authority.
  • Level Five: Latte Art
    $100 – 2 hours duration 
    Students must have completed Espresso Foundations and Espresso Applications and show competence in milk texturing. The science and art of espresso making encompasses the visual appeal of the finished product. In this workshop you will discover how to master free pour and multi tool techniques. Level 5 is COMPLIMENTARY for students who book and pay for Levels 1-4 in advance.
30 SEC.